Best cases and covers for your brand-new iPhone 6S

Apple makes beautiful smartphones, but durability is not a major focus. Because the new iPhone 6S packs in more features than ev...

Apple makes beautiful smartphones, but durability is not a major focus. Because the new iPhone 6S packs in more features than ever before, there’s no doubt it will sell like hot cakes, so if you want to preserve that elegant design then you really need to take some precautions. The case market has exploded in recent years, so you can get solid drop protection, find all sorts of stylish finishes, and even add some functionality very easily.
Updated on 11-2-2015 by Simon Hill: Added cases by Burkley, Adopted, Rhino Shield, iDeal, and Grovemade.
To help narrow down your choices, these are the best iPhone 6S cases we’ve seen so far.
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Burkley Walletcase ($34)

Burkley Walletcase Here’s a hand-crafted wallet case in high quality leather that comes in a variety of different finishes. You’ll find a black, polycarbonate shell inside that your iPhone 6S snaps into. It’s minimalist, with cut-outs for all the buttons and ports. Around that, you have a leather folio with a diagonal flap that contains a magnetic closure. On the inside cover there are three card slots, and you can also fold the cover back to act as a landscape stand. There’s a cut-away on the back to enable normal camera use. If the eye-catching, limited edition, fiesta red isn’t to your tastes, check out the other finishes, including the gorgeous antique coffee.
Available at:

Adopted Frame Case ($40)

Adopted Frame Case This case has an expensive look and feel to it, but it’s really a bumper, or a frame, rather than a typical iPhone 6S case. The frame and the button covers are aluminum, and it has genuine, full-grain leather panels to provide contrast, comfort, and grip. There’s a latch at the bottom left corner, which makes it easy to put on and take off, and there are openings for the ports and the side switch. It extends beyond the iPhone body front and back to provide all-round protection. Even though it’s just a frame, it does add bulk; it almost squares off the rounded corners of your iPhone. We’re not sure about drop protection, but it certainly fits nicely with Apple’s design.
Available at:

Rhino Shield PlayProof Case ($30)

Rhino Shield PlayProof Case It was the Crash Guard bumper ($25) that first brought Rhino Shield to our attention, and it’s still worth a look, but the case maker has now widened its line-up with the new PlayProof case. This is more of a traditional fitted case, blending a hard shell with a shock-absorbing hexagonal pattern on the inside that promises drop protection at up to 11.5 feet. The case is easy to fit, the cut-outs are generous for easy access to ports, and the button covers are pronounced, so you can find and use them easily without looking. It’s a lightweight, slim case, considering the level of protection, and you can get it in a wide variety of different finishes (plain color cases are $5 cheaper). The only thing we don’t like is the slippery back.
Available at:
Evolutive Labs

iDeal Swipe Wallet Case ($44)

iDeal Swipe Wallet Case The Swipe Wallet case for the iPhone 6S combines a number of really smart features. There’s a minimalist hard, plastic shell in black, which you can snap your iPhone 6S into. It has the full range of cut-outs and a textured finish that aids grip. It attaches to the fake leather (polyurethane) wallet portion via magnets, so you can take the jacket on and off as you like (iDeal also sell magnetic mounts). The wallet has two card slots on the back for easy access, a magnetic closure, and there’s a window in the front to display the time, incoming calls, or music controls. A series of four, shiny metal segments, near the bottom of the cover, enable you to answer and hang up calls without having to open the wallet. It can also double up as a landscape stand. You’ll enjoy the clever design and stylish feel of this iDeal case.
Available at:

Grovemade Walnut Case ($100)

Grovemade Walnut Case You can’t help falling in love with Grovemade’s wares, but they’re not cheap. Crafted from Oregon Claro Walnut, each case has a unique grain, and they’re all sanded and finished by hand in Portland, Oregon. The natural wood looks and feels fantastic, the button covers work well, and there are openings for the ports, camera, and side switch. Grovemade has struggled to produce wooden cases that don’t add a lot of bulk in the past, and its solution here is to offer a bumper and a separate back plate that adheres directly to the back of your iPhone 6S. It’s not all style over substance, this case will offer some protection for your iPhone, but it is thin wood at the end of the day, so the case may not survive a drop or bump unscathed.

Available at:

Nodus Shell Case ($61)

Nodus Shell Case We loved the folio style Access Case by Nodus, so we were excited to hear about the new design for the Shell case. It’s crafted from the same full grain Italian leather, but this case is a slim, polycarbonate shell with a soft, microfiber lining that your iPhone 6S will fit snugly into. It’s very slim, has accurate cut-outs for your ports and the camera, and sports subtle button covers. There’s no distracting detail, just an embossed octopus logo on the back. The Shell case also comes with a small magnetic dock (a square of metal bearing that same stylish octopus logo) that you can stick wherever you want. It’s a handy way to keep your iPhone 6S safe while charging, or to use it hands-free.

Available at:

Cover-Up Woodback Snap Case ($26)

Cover-Up Woodback Snap Case Natural wood grain is always a pleasant look, and Cover-Up’s cases strike a nice balance between style and affordability. This a slim case that snaps onto the iPhone 6S. The main shell is black polycarbonate with openings for all of the buttons, ports, and the camera. The back panel comes in a wide variety of different natural wood finishes, including padauk, bamboo, and blackened ash. These cases aren’t going to provide rugged drop protection, but they’ll guard against scrapes and bumps. The wood is all sustainable, hand-sanded, and waxed, and each one looks unique.

Available at:
Cover-Up Amazon

MagBak Case ($39)

MagBak Case Here’s another iPhone 6S case with a magnetic touch. The MagBak, as the name suggests, has a magnetic strip inside it, and it ships with two MagSticks, which are small magnetic strips with adhesive backs that you can stick on the car dash or the kitchen tile for mounting your iPhone. The case itself comes in six different colors, feels malleable and soft to the touch, and has a black microfiber lining inside. There are cut-outs for the ports, switch, and camera, and subtle button covers. It’s very slim, so it may not provide much drop protection, but the magnetic docks are potentially very handy.
Available at:

Encase Leather Wallet Case ($32)

Encase Leather Wallet Case This case is padded and covered with neatly stitched, genuine leather in black or brown. Open up the magnetic closure, and you’ll find a full wallet replacement inside, with three card slots and a larger money pouch at the back. Your iPhone 6S clips into a tough, polycarbonate frame with the full range of openings for access to controls and ports. It’s an unobtrusive case that won’t draw undue attention to your iPhone 6S, and it offers complete all-round protection from falls, bumps, and scratches.
Available at:
Mobile Fun

Trident Aegis Pro Case ($35)

Trident Aegis Pro Case You may think you’ve seen the Aegis before, but Trident has redesigned it for the iPhone 6S. It’s still a seriously tough case that meets military drop test standard 810G, by blending tough polycarbonate on the outside with a shock absorbent TPE inner. This case also features good button covers, plugs to protect the ports, and a raised lip to safeguard the screen. It has a lanyard loop, and it comes with a screen protector. There’s a texture on the back to aid grip, and it has a clever slide on design for an easy fit. It is definitely bulky, but it will also definitely protect your iPhone 6S if you drop it.
Available at:

Caseology Envoy Series Case ($17)

Caseology Envoy Series Case You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of cash to get a case that looks expensive. Caseology is best known as a budget case manufacturer, but it brings plenty of style and a fashionable aesthetic to this minimalist line for the iPhone 6S. The Envoy Series combines a flexible TPU bumper case with a PU leather backing. There’s a raised lip on the front to protect the screen, rubberized button covers that are easy to find and press, and accurate openings for the ports and the camera. The frame has a metallic gold finish, but you can get a variety of different effects on the back including black or white carbon fiber, or a blue, brown, or gold faux leather.
Available at:
Caseology Amazon

X-Doria: Defense Lux Case ($60)

X-Doria: Defense Lux Case Can you have solid protection and style in the same case? X-Doria certainly thinks so. The Defense Lux has a soft rubber inner, an impact-resistant polycarbonate back, and an anodized aluminum frame. The whole package meets military drop test standard 810G, so it will survive falls from up to 6.6 feet. You can choose from a range of luxurious finishes on the back including carbon fiber, soft leather, and crocodile skin. There’s a lip on the front to safeguard the screen, and metallic covers to protect the buttons.
Available at:
X-Doria Amazon

Otterbox Strada Series Case ($50)

Otterbox Strada Series Case The Strada Series is something a little different for Otterbox, a company usually known for its highly protective cases. You still get a solid shell the iPhone 6S snaps into, that offers real drop protection, but there’s also a genuine leather cover and a metallic highlight bearing the Otterbox logo on the side for a classy look. The metal plate has a magnetic latch to keep the cover securely closed in your pocket or bag. The inside has a soft lining and a single slot for a business card or ID. The button covers and openings are precise. You can get this in classic black, or reddish brown.
Available at:
Otterbox Amazon

Skech Ice Case ($30)

Skech Ice Case Here’s a nice, practical case from Skech which isn’t too bulky. It features a classic combination of soft interior wrapped in a hard shell. The openings are large, so there’s no interference with the camera or ports. The button covers are easy to find and not too stiff. It’s a comfortable case to hold thanks to the soft touch finish. We also really like the protective rim, which extends to protect the screen should your phone land face down, and also covers the back to prevent scratches. This grippy case comes in six different colors.
Available at:

Silk Innovation: PureView Clear Case ($12)

Silk Innovation: PureView Clear Case The cheapest case on our list is a slim bumper with an internal tread that promises to absorb shock. It has a clear back to allow Apple’s iPhone 6S design to shine through. The button covers are quite large, and there are big openings for the ports and camera. It looks quite good for such a cheap case and should provide basic protection. You can pick it up in gold, black, transparent frost, or grey. It’s easy to customize this case by slipping a picture into the clear back section — there’s even a template provided so you can trim the picture for a perfect fit. You also get a screen protector in the box.
Available at:



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Best cases and covers for your brand-new iPhone 6S
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