Online Jobs to Earn extra Income

Online and work from home jobs mostly have an opinion of being scam but legitimate online jobs do exist. Online jobs are slowly gaining prominence across the globe because they let you utilize your skills in the best possible way, plus they bring the comfort of your own house, flexible timings and saving on travel expenses.

 Whether you are a student, housewife or even an employed person, online jobs can bring you that extra income you have been looking for.

Things to keep in mind before taking an online job
  • Any online job asking you to pay up-front is a scam.
  • Don’t look for easy money, as shortcuts don’t work! Have patience and if your skills are good enough, you will earn a good amount with time.
  • These jobs can be addictive but don’t let them hamper your studies.
  • There are online jobs available for everyone! So, don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy degree because if you have skills, you’ll do fine.
Best Work From Home Jobs
Writing Jobs
Every website across the web needs content and thus, writers are an important part of the web ecosystem. There are usual writing jobs like creative writer, copywriter, editor and article & blog writer along with more advanced jobs like technical writing and ebook writing etc. A writing job will easily fetch you a decent amount of money depending on your skills. You can apply on various freelance websites or you can even approach websites & blogs you follow (tech, travel, news, productivity, DIY, movies, etc) and we are pretty sure you will be paid well enough. You can also try ProBlogger for specific online blogging work or you can also join various Facebook groups where people post various job postings for writers.

Designing Jobs
If you are a budding designer, you can easily get a decent online job. People on the web look for UI/UX, web and graphic designers for their apps and websites. There are also jobs available for illustration, business card, logo, banner, infographic, social media and merchandise designers, so you can choose whatever suits you best. While you can search for jobs on most freelancing websites or Facebook 

Programming Jobs
There are various companies looking to outsource their smaller coding projects to freelancers and that’s where students well versed with programming can get a part-time online job. It all depends on what programming languages you know. There are programming jobs available online for mobile & desktop apps, games, web development, website building, software/app testing etc. Along with the freelance websites, you can checkout Upwork for diverse online job openings for programmers.
Tuitions (Online Tutoring)
With the rise of online education, there is a rise of online tuitions and tutor jobs. So, if you have good teaching skills, you can teach students from home and earn a handsome amount. Tutor jobs are available for various skill levels, be it different subjects & courses from school, college or even something that is of general interest. You should give CheggTutors a shot for a tutor job and you could easily make $20/hour or more.

Data Entry Jobs

If you believe in your typing skills, a data entry job should be good for you. There are various companies looking for people who can enter all their physical data online or to keep an online record. There are plenty of data entry scams all over the internet but there are some legit jobs available on good freelance websites like Upwork and Freelancer. So, don’t get caught in scams and apply for these jobs only on legit sites like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Translation Jobs

There are some great translation jobs available online for people who are multi-lingual or well versed in more than one language. With companies going global, there’s a need to translate their work to cater to different languages and they are on the look out for good translators. The job includes translating a document, movie subtitles, interpreting different languages, proofreading etc. You can get a number of online translation jobs at Translatorscafe or Gengo.

Voice Over

Doing voice overs for interesting videos sounds like a really interesting job and if you think you have the voice and the skills to do it, you might as well give it a shot. You can add the languages you know and the accents you can do to get freelancing voice over jobs. People look for voice overs for narration, dubbing, impersonation, audio books etc. You can try for voice over jobs on Fiverr.

Customer Service and Tech Support Jobs

While call center offices are still the main stay of tech support and customer services, virtual call-centers are slowly gaining traction. At a virtual call center, a tech support or customer service call is routed to the home number of an agent. This job requires you to have a quiet environment at home, good & professional speaking abilities along with some training for tech support. There are different jobs available like tech support specialists, customer service managers, live chat agents, phone support etc. Along with the freelance websites, there are specific tech support websites like LiveOps that offer work from home tech support jobs.

Video Services and Animation Jobs

Video consumption is on the rise and that has made sure to increase jobs aimed at video producers. These freelancing jobs require people to create video commercials, intros, edit videos, do the post-production and add animations or graphic designs. So, if you have the skills to create some cool videos, you should give this a try. You can look for video animator jobs on freelance websites like PeoplePerHour.

Sell Your Photos or Art

Great photos and arts have tremendous value and if you are a good photographer or an art creator, you will have no problem selling your collection online. You can sell your art images on websites like DeviantArt and your photos on SmugMug. These websites should fetch you a good amount for all your creativity, plus give you confidence in your talent.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you are an organized, time managing person with a skill to juggle between tasks, then a virtual assistant job should be perfect for you. The job is similar to what a real-life assistant would do, like handling emails, travel schedules, meetings etc. Virtual assistant jobs are available on most freelance websites like Guru. If you think you can be a good assistant, try it out online.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

With the growth of online businesses, social media has become an essential platform to grow the user base and thus the need of social media marketers. The social media marketing jobs are pretty simple if you are good with communication, marketing and understanding behaviour of people on the Internet. These jobs require you to interact with people, build brand awareness and bring traction to the company. There are also SEO jobs that require you to optmise websites to play well with various search engines and bring in more traffic. Social media marketing and SEO specialist jobs are available on most freelance websites like Upwork. Also, be sure to check out on Facebook groups for job openings like these.

Mobile Apps to Earn Some Extra Income (Accomplish Tasks to Earn)

Along with these jobs, you can try out some mobile apps to make money. Swagbucks is a very popular app that gives you credit points when you shop online, watch some videos, search the web, fill out surveys etc. Once you have a good amount of points, you can redeem them for gift cards or get cashback through Paypal. There’s a similar group of apps under Perk, which rewards you with easy money for doing some simple tasks like watching videos, playing scratch card games etc.

Ready to earn some extra income through these online jobs?

Are you a student looking for some handy pocket money? Well, these jobs are the way to go. Any extra income is handy for a student and these legit online jobs make sure you earn that whilst working in the comfort of your home. Along with the money, these jobs make sure to enhance your skills and bring you some much needed experience, which is certainly a win-win situation. Be sure to check them out and let us know in the comments section below if these jobs worked out for you.


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