Android Apps for Online Marketing SEO and Analytics

Put your Android phone to work for search engine optimization. These free Android apps will help you monitor your SEO performance and add critical insights in meetings, when you’re away from your computer.

SECockpit – SECockpit, which stands for Search Engine Cockpit, is a keyword research tool that generates ideas for marketers. Get data such as the highest cost-per-click price, number of searches for a particular keyword in the last month and competitive data as well—all free.

SEMTab SEO Pro – This Android app is useful for SEO-ers, offering both SEO and social data, such as Tweets, Facebook Likes, bookmarks, URL mentions, backlinks and more. It’s not free, but it can be yours for just $1.99.

SEO Keyword Checker – Analyze any web page and get data on the most-used keywords, totally free. Great tool for competitive analysis.

Online Marketing by Alex Genadinik – This apps teaches you everything you need to learn about online marketing. Convenient software tools to help you plan your marketing efforts are also included—and you can live-chat with an expert when needed. This app costs just $0.99.

SEO SERP App – Track up to three keywords and multiple websites to track your SERP position on the fly with SEO SERP App, free for Android users. This app packs a slew of data in a small packagedefinitely one to check out.

Eventbrite – Hosting a webinar or other event as an inbound lead-gen initiative is practically impossible to plan and coordinate on the road. Until the Eventbrite app, which lets you manage registrations, create backend reports, and track where your attendees are coming from. Eventbrite is yet another free app for Android.
Statigram – The Statigram app is a social analytics tool for Instagram, designed to give users a more comfortable Instagram experience.  It integrates with HootSuite, too—and it’s free.

FoursquareIf you’re not yet capitalizing on Foursquare to take your biz to the next level, now’s the time to start. And since it comes with a convenient mobile app, you can’t use time as an excuse not to jump on the Foursquare bandwagon. It’s free!

Marketing Forecast by Adology – Stay up-to-speed on the latest news from the advertising and marketing industry with Adology’s Marketing Forecast app, available for Android and other devices, as well. It includes “U.S. economic trends, trending topics from Google, and includes Twitter streams that aggregate recent Tweets about advertising and marketing,” for free.

Evernote – No marketer’s toolkit is complete without Evernote, which offers an app for Android devices as well as iOS-devices. When you get your next big content marketing or inbound lead generation idea, where will you document it without Evernote? It’s free.

Documents to Go 3.0 Main App – Ever wish you could view those Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel docs on the go? You can with Documents to Go, free from the Google Play store. Also free.

Trello – Any online marketer knows it gets pretty confusing trying to coordinate all those marketing initiatives and managing multiple channels simultaneously. That’s where Trello comes in, with a to-do list manager that out to-dos many list-making apps on the market. And it’s free!

HootSuite – HootSuite pretty much takes the cake when it comes to apps that let you manage multiple social networks within a single interface. With apps for all types of devices, HootSuite has become the universal social media marketing mobile app. Best news? It’s free.

SEO Automatic – Run a report on any web page with SEO Automatic, including title, description and keyword tags, header tags and other on-page SEO metrics. Another free app for Android lovers!

Springpad – Springpad acts as a personal assistant for organizing virtually everything life throws your way. Organize all those ideas, articles and info you encounter throughout the day and much more into a logical framework to use later. It’s also free.

Google Analytics – Another essential addition to your mobile app toolkit is the Google Analytics app for Android devices. This app provides all the need-to-know data at your fingertips, so you can keep tabs on your site’s performance no matter where you are. And it’s free.

Google Drive – Bring the power of document storage to your mobile device with access to Google Drive, which lets you view and edit any documents you have shared in your Drive and instantly sync with the same docs at your desktop. Also free.

Feedly – Feedly lets you browse all the content of your favorite websites from your mobile device, including RSS feeds, Tumblr blogs, YouTube channels and other websites.  Another freebie for Android users.

AdSense Dashboard – How on earth can you monitor Google AdSense on the run? You can with the AdSense Dashboard, available for Android devices. Get critical performance metrics and so much more with a simple mobile app, for free.

TweetCaster – TweetCaster is similar to TweetDeck, allowing users to schedule, post and respond to Tweets directly from a free, intuitive mobile app.

mAnalytics – mAnalytics is a Google Analytics-based app for Android users, offering an intuitive user interface, stats charts, visits, visitors and traffic sources data and much more. Like most apps on this list, it’s free.

WebRank SEO – WebRank SEO is one of the best Android SEO apps on the market, offering a ton of data on your current SEO status, such as indexed pages across a variety of search engines, Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and more. It’s also free.

SEO SiteRank Lite – This easy-to-use app grabs the Google PageRank and Alexa rankings for any site, whether or not you’re connected to the Internet. It’s also free.

Vine – Shoot, share and watch short-looping videos right from your Android device with Vine, one of the most popular video apps out there today. The app is free.

Flipboard – Flipboard is the marketer’s dream app, letting you create a virtual magazine all your own with your favorite websites, news stories and more. It’s content aggregation at its finest.

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