Best Free Webpage Screenshot Software

The ability to capture full webpages screenshots is quite important for web designers, it is however not available in many screen capture tools. The following tools are designed to let you do just that (and sometimes more).
Taking screenshots is not a complicated procedure. Most operating systems support sending the current contents of the screen to the clipboard when you press the Print key on your keyboard.

That does not get you far though, as you need an image editing program to paste that screenshot into and edit it before you save it on your system.
Most screen capture programs add functionality to the process. Many allow you to select different screenshot formats, e.g. windows, rectangular, scrolling or even free hand.


WebShot is a free webpage capture software. It is an exclusive webpage screenshot software. It lets you save screenshot as full sized image or as thumbnail. You can also take multiple website screenshots at a time.

How To Capture Screenshot of Multiple Webpages:

  1. Add URL of all the webpages of which you want to take screenshot.
  2. Select output folder path.
  3. You can adjust webpage’s dimension to capture screenshot under Setting option.
  4. You can also set output image dimensions, quality, number of document, and number of pages.
  5. Click on Start button to generate output.
The View Log option displays the screenshot log in TXT format.


SiteShoter is a free web screenshot software. It lets you capture screenshot of a webpage of required dimensions or capture entire webpage. You can also capture screenshot of multiple webpages at a time. You just have to put a single URL or browse a text file containing URL of the multiple webpages. Here is the list of features offered by this software:
  • Adjust dimensions of webpages to capture if required.
  • Automatically extend browser size according to webpage.
  • Cut webpages at following locations.
  • Disable/ enable scroll bar, JavaScript, and Flash.
  • Set image quality.
  • Set frequency to capture web page every defined time interval.
You can save multiple configurations for webpage screenshot and load whenever required.


WebKut is a free Adobe AIR application to capture website screenshot. It needs Adobe AIR to be installed in your PC beforehand. It lets you capture full webpage, visible part, or a selected part. You just have to enter URL of the webpage or search that webpage in Google through WebKut. Captured screenshot can be saves as JPG file. You can also upload the web screenshot to Flickr.


ShareX is a another good software to capture webpage screenshot. It is a multi purpose screenshot software with a bunch of features. It lets you capture screenshot of webpage in selected dimensions. Simply set the webpage dimension and turn a webpage to image.

How To Capture Webpage on ShareX:

  1. Go to Capture>Webpage capture on the UI.
  2. A new window will open, where you have to enter the webpage URL which you want to capture.
  3. Set dimension by entering the size of webpage portion you want to capture.
  4. Click on Capture to take screenshot of webpage. Clicking on Upload option, opens the captured image to view.
ShareX has varioys other options to capture desktop (entire or selected portion). It lets you open images in editor, add watermarks, add effects, etc. It has many miscellaneous options for various settings, such as: HotKey Setting, Task Settings, Destination Settings, etc. Options to directly upload screenshots online is also available. You can set a workflow to set tasks to perform after screenshot is taken. Screen Recording is another good feature of this screenshot capture tool.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is a free screen capture add-on for both Chrome and Firefox. It lets you capture entire webpage, visible part of current page, selected area, or desktop. You can also edit screen snapshot or any image on your PC through Annotate option. Click on Annotate to open the screenshot in a new browser tab where you can use various annotation tools, like: text, marker, arrow, comment, etc. You can also upload webpage screenshot on Facebook, Google drive, Twitter, etc.

Nimbus Screenshot And Screencast

Nimbus Screenshot And Screencast is a free chrome extension to capture website screenshot. It lets you take screenshot of entire webpage or any selected part of the browser window. It can also record screencast. It will open captured screenshot in other browser and let you edit it in its editor. Editor has almost all editing options like you can add text, highlight a part with different shapes in various colors, blur, crop, etc. You can save screenshot to your PC, Google drive, and your Nimbus account. Nimbus account lets you save and comment screenshot in the clouds.


Open Screenshot

Open Screenshot is one of the free screenshot programs. It lets you capture webpage screenshot in various ways, like: entire webpage, selected part, visible part. It is best for both horizontal and vertical contents. You can also annotate screenshot with various tools and share using  Facebook, Twitter, Google drive, Gmail,etc. You can save your screenshot online and on PC as image and PDF. It also lets you make a note in Evernote or send screenshot to your mobile using QR code.


Marker is a webpage screenshot extension for Chrome. It can capture visible part of webpage, capture selected part of webpage, or capture entire webpage. You can annotate screenshot using text, circles, various smilies, arrows, etc. The output screenshot can be directly saved to any of the following apps through automatically generated link: Trello, Github, Slack, and Jira. Save the link which is automatically copied to your clipboard. Open the link in browser to save it on your computer if you want.

Easy Screenshot

Easy Screenshot is a simple adds-on for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. You will find options to capture selected part of webpage, capture visible part, and capture full webpage. You can save a web page screenshot as image or directly open it in any installed image editor on your PC.

Webpage Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot is a free extension for Chrome. It lets you capture screen in three ways: entire webpage, selected area, or visible area. You can take screenshot of any webpage in these three ways by a single click on this extension’s icon or simply through browser context menu. It lets you edit your screenshot with markers in a new browser. You can save webpage screenshot directly on your PC or share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Capture, Explain And Send Screenshots

Capture, Explain, And Send Screenshot is an awesome free chrome extension to capture webpage screenshot. It supports Google drive to directly upload captured screenshots. It can easily convert webpage to image by taking screenshot of selected, visible, and entire webpage. Annotate your screenshot with various annotation tools, like: arrow, text, highlighter, etc. Share your webpage capture with your friends via mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

TechSmith Snagit

TechSmith Snagit is a free website screenshot generator chrome extension to capture webpage and record browser screen. It gives you options for entire webpage capture, visible webpage capture, or to capture selected part of webpage. Screenshot can be annotated using markers, different shapes, text, etc. It supports Google Drive, so you can save and explore your saved screenshot from anywhere. You can record your screen and share it with your friends.


qSnap is a free add-on to capture screenshot of visible or entire webpage for multiple browsers, like: Chrome, FireFox, IE, Opera, and Safari. You can annotate screenshot with various tools, such as: rectangles, ellipse, arrows, text, callout, blur, crop, etc. Save, print, or share your webpage screenshot with your friends through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and G+.


iWeb2x is a free extension for chrome and Firefox to capture full webpage. It provides output as PDF and as image file. PDF option lets you save screenshot in various dimensions and layouts, such as: landscape, portrait, A1, A2, A3, legal, executive, folio, etc. You can save a PDF screenshot in grayscale or with no image and background. Image option can capture web page screenshot in different dimensions and full webpage can be captured by selecting screen. Covert webpage to image in JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PPM, and PGM formats. PNG provides high resolution webpage screenshot, while JPG is good to use for small screenshot.

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture is a simple free chrome extension to take full web page screenshot. You just have to click its icon on the extension bar, and it will automatically take whole screenshot of the current web page. It opens captured screenshot in other page where you can save it through Save As option by right clicking on  the image or simply drag and drop it to desktop.


CutyCapt is a free software to capture website screenshot using command line. It can save screenshot in vector, bitmap, SVG, PDF, PS, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP formats. You can capture screen of entire webpage or required dimensions of height and width.


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