Easy Ways to Reduce, Compress & Zip PDF Files Free

compression software The software that helps you in compressing the size of a big file, so that you can share it via emails or other sharing options is termed as a compression software or tool. For Windows users, there are many freeware file compression software’s available online. The most popular among these available software’s are WinRAR and WinZip. But in addition to these there are a few more tools that are effective enough in compressing large files

This is a free and open source file archiver or file manager and more. The basic format on which this compression software operates is the 7z format, but in addition to this, it can also read and write other format options, making it one of the best available freeware compression utility. 7-Zip is loaded with many useful features and the list of supported formats just goes on.
Another useful feature of this file compression software is that it reads most of the archiving formats. It supports the following file formats – 7z, RAR, GZIP, WIM, CramFS, DMG, ISO, MSI, XY, ZIP, GZIP, UDF, Z, MBR, XAR, NTFS, DEB, FAT and many more.


Using this free software utility, you can create, extract and repair any archive. IZArc supports almost every important file format and the features provided by it will enhance your experience of file compression. It provides with a drag and drop feature, which simplifies your compression task.
Other important and useful features added in IZArc are – virus scan feature, repair broken archives, create a self-extracting archive and many more. It supports the following file formats – 7-ZIP, ACE, PAK, TAZ, TZ, Z, CDI, BIN, B64, RAR, YZ1, IMG, ZOO, ISO, LIB, MDF, PK3, CPIO, BH, A, LHA, TGZ and many more.


This free and open source file managing and compressing tool or software is available for both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. The best way in which you can make use of this software is in the compression of large files. PeaZip uses and runs on its own format; the PEA archive. But the appreciating part is that it also supports other popular file formats. The user interface offered by this application is quite interesting and easy to navigate through.
Other important features offered by PeaZip are – file splitting and joining, byte-to-byte file comparison, system benchmarking, keyfiles generation, secure file deletion, archive conversion, archive encryption, hash files, find duplicate files and much more. It supports about 130 file formats including – ARJ, LHA, ZIPX, RAR, CAB, ACE, DMG, UDF, ISO and more.

Hamster Free Zip Archiver
Hamster Free Zip Archiver makes a great first impression, especially compared to all-business 7-Zip and PeaZip, thanks to its attactive user interface and a bouncy GIF animation. From the start, Hamster feels fresh and new, a pleasure to look at and use.

It's easy to use, too. To create a compressed file, you simply drag-and-drop the files you want to include onto HFZA main screen. Hamster tells you the folder's current size and asks you to choose between the ZIP and 7Z formats. Choose your file format, whether or not you want to split the file, and whether or not you want to lock the file. You then press "compress," and Hamster does its job.
Hamster Free Zip Archiver is fast. The Hamster Soft website claims that the program takes advantage of multi-core computing, and the results I got testing Hamster on a new Windows 8 PC Quad-Core supports that assertion. The company claims to best competitors on older machines, too.
Hamster reduced my folder to the usual 26MB file, so there is no extra advantage. But, like PeaZip, Hamster offers the ability to split compressed files and let your recipient reassemble them.
Another downside to Hamster Free Zip Archiver is that the company's support team did not answer my many emails. For tech support, you might as well consult your hamster.

Universal Extractor
Universal Extractor is extremely useful for opening archives, but it does have a limitation if you want to create an archive. And that limitation is severe: UniExtractor can't create anything. As its name implies, UniExtractor only extracts. But despite this limitation, it is a neat little app to have.

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