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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Websites to Send Large Files for Free

Some people need to send large files all the time and pay a hefty amount of money to do so. Most people, though, probably never even realise they can’t send large files via email until they hit that roadblock. Most mail servers (both incoming and outgoing) restrict attachment sizes to a maximum of 10MB, and often it can be even less than that.

Gmail and Yahoo allow for bigger file sharing, but even with their respective 25MB and 20MB limits, this still isn't going to be enough for some files.

You can’t opt Gmail or Outlook or Facebook to send larger files. You should opt a hosting service. For that who need to transfer large files, here we are listing top 10 sites  to send large files for free over the internet.

1. WeTransfer – Send up to 2 GB. you dont need to create an account to send files on WeTransfer.

2. OneDrive – Microsoft’s cloud solution. You can send 2 GB file per transaction.

3. JustBeamit – No more limits. Drag and drop a file on to the JustBeamIt website, it will create a 
shareable link  instantly. You just need to share the link to someone. They can download it to their computer directly.

4. Dropsend – Send up to 2 GB. Free to get started.

5. pCloud Transfer – You can send files up to 5 GB for free.

6. Infinit – You need to download Infinit desktop application. Its free for Mac and Windows. Transfers happen between your computer and the recipient’s computer directly.

7. PlusTransfer – Unlimited file. No log in required.

8. GigaTransfer – You can send up to 2 GB file per transaction.

9. FileLing – FileLing gives you a a huge 53 GB of maximum file size per transaction.

10. 99Upload – Maximum file size per upload 20 GB and gives 500 TB upload space per account in some terms and conditions. Upload the file queue and generate link. Share that link to your friends for download the file.
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