Free Admin Tools for Network administrators

Network Tools for network administrator are very important to check the network within his work area. Many network tools which are very important for troubleshot network problems, help administrator to find out the network problems in networks. Network tools are softwares which installed on operating system either it is network Server operating sysems, windows or Linus or other network server.

Below the list of importnat  Network Tools for every NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR.

System and network analysis

1. NTFS Permissions Explorer
Using this MMC snap-in you can quickly visualize the user and group permissions of a local or remote folder or drive in a hierarchical format to help identify problems.

2. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Wi-Fi Inspector is a powerful Wi-Fi management and troubleshooting tool that allows you to locate and verify Wi-Fi devices, detect rogue Access Points, troubleshoot connections, and search for Wi-Fi networks.

3. Whois
Whois performs a lookup of the registration information of a given IP address or domain name.

4. ShareEnum
ShareEnum allows you to scan and view the security settings of file shares on your network.

5. PipeList
PipeList displays a list of named pipes on your system, including the number of active instances and the instance threshold.

6. TcpView
TCPView allows you to view detailed TCP and UDP connection information in a user friendly format.

7. The Dude
The Dude from MicroTik can automatically scan all devices within a given subnet and then draw and layout a map of your network.

8. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
The MBSA is a tool that can be used to detect missing security updates and typical security misconfigurations.

9. WireShark
WireShark is an interactive network protocol analyser and capture utility. It provides for in-depth inspection of hundreds of protocols and runs on multiple platforms.

10. Look@LAN
Look@LAN allows you to quickly scan your network looking for active nodes. It provides monitoring, reporting, logging and OS detection features.

11. RogueScanner
RogueScanner will scan your network looking for rogue devices and access points, classifying them in a way that allows you to quickly see what’s on your network.

12. Capsa Free Network Analyzer
Using this tool you can monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose issues on your network. It has a Microsoft Office-like user interface.

13. SuperScan
SuperScan is a fast connection-based TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolution tool.

14. Blast
Blast is a lightweight TCP service stress test tool that can help pinpoint weaknesses in your network.

15. UDPFlood
UDPFlood is a lightweight UDP service stress test tool that sends out packets to a specified IP or port.

16. IPplan
This tool allows you to quickly and easily track and manage your network IP addresses.

17. NetStumbler
NetStumbler is an application that allows you to detect the presence of a wireless network using 802.11a/b/g. It is useful for detecting rogue access points, finding locations with poor signal, verifying network configurations and determining the cause of wireless interference.

18. PingPlotter
PingPlotter is a lightweight tracert application that generates graphs to help you visualize the route of the packets from source to destination.

19. SolarWinds Free Permissions Analyzer for AD
Using this tool you can quickly visualize the user and group permissions of a folder or shared drive in a hierarchical format. It can track share level permissions, provide a breakdown of share level and file level permissions and help identify why certain users have the permissions they do.

20. Angry IP Scanner
Angry IP Scanner is a fast standalone IP address and port scanner.

21. FreePortMonitor
FreePortMonitor is a tool for monitoring servers and applications on your network.

22. WirelessNetView
WirelessNetView monitors the activity of wireless networks in the area and displays information related to them, such as SSID, Signal Quality, MAC Address, Channel Frequency, etc.

23. BluetoothView
BluetoothView monitors the activity of Bluetooth devices in the area and displays information related to them, such as Device Name, Bluetooth Address, Device Type, etc.

24. Vision
Vision allows you to view all open TCP and UDP ports and then maps them back to the owning process or application.

25. Attacker
Attacker is a TCP/UDP port listener that allows you to define a list of ports that you want it to listen on and it will notify you when a connection is established on that port.

26. Total Network Monitor
Total Network Monitor is a comprehensive network monitoring application that allows you to view the state of your network. It is customizable and has advanced alerting features, letting you know when something is wrong.

27. IIS Logfile Analyser
This tool allows you to analyse your IIS logfiles to determine website statistics such as number of visitors, number of downloads, etc.

28. ntop
ntop uses a web-based interface that allows you to monitor network traffic and statistics.

System testing and troubleshooting
29. Pinkie
Pinkie is a collection of network troubleshooting utilities that allows pinging multiple hosts, forward and reverse DNS lookup, a ping sweeper, and a subnet calculator.

30. VMWare Player
VMWare Player is a multi-platform virtualization solution that can be used to create and run multiple 32-bit or 64-bit virtual machines. Ideal for testing or development environments.

31. Oracle VirtualBox
VirtualBox is a free, multi-platform general-purpose virtualization solution that can be used to create and run multiple virtual machines. Ideal for testing or development environments.

32. ADInsight
ADInsight is a real-time monitoring tool used for troubleshooting LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) clients.

33. Process Monitor
Process Monitor allows you to monitor activity related to processes, threads, DLLs, the registry and file system in real-time. Useful for troubleshooting application and system related issues.

34. SpiceWorks Network Troubleshooting
SpiceWorks Network Troubleshooting is an all-in-one tool that allows you to perform routine troubleshooting tasks such as killing processes remotely, access devices remotely, ping, tracert and nslookup, and even compare the status of two devices.

35. RAMMap
RAMMap allows you to analyse physical memory allocation in your system. You are able to determine how much file data is cached in RAM, how much RAM is used by the kernel and device drivers, etc.

36. Autoruns
Autoruns allows you to view which programs are configured to run at system boot up or login.

37. LogFusion
Using LogFusion you can view and monitor log files in real-time.

38. Microsoft Log Parser
Using Microsoft Log Parser you can generate a custom-formatted output file containing the results of multiple log file sources such as XML, CSV, Event Logs, or the Registry.

39. AppCrashView
AppCrashView allows you to view Windows Error Reporting (*.WER) files in a simple user interface and then save the results into TXT/CSV/HTML/XML file format.

40. RootKitRevealer
RootKitRevealer allows you to detect the presence of rootkits that operate by attempting to hide their files or registry entries.

System and network management

41. Bitcricket IP Subnet Calculator
This tool allows you to calculate subnets and CIDR routes automatically using its intuitive interface and auto-discovery feature.

42. EMCO Remote Installer Starter
The free version of EMCO Remote Installer (Starter edition) allows you to perform a software inventory of applications installed on your network. You can retrieve and track changes as well as save reports.

43. ManagePC
ManagePC allows you to create an inventory of all your machines in the domain, including hardware, software, devices, patches, group policies, etc.

44. Pandora FMS
Pandora FMS is a network monitoring solution that allows you to monitor multiple platforms, from Linux machines, to Solaris machine, to Windows machines. It provides alerts and reporting for CPU, disk and memory usage, temperature, or even application values.

45. SNARE Audit and EventLog Management
SNARE (System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment) allows you to install agents onto your server machines to facilitate the centralized collection of logs, including Windows, Solaris, AIX, ISA Server, IIS Server, SMTP, Exchange, Apache, etc.

46. OCS Inventory
OCS Inventory is an automated inventory and deployment application. It allows you to determine what devices or software are installed on your network and deploy software or configuration scripts using a simple web-based interface.

47. Zenoss Core – Enterprise IT Monitoring
Using the Zenoss Core application, you can monitor systems availability, performance, events and configuration across the network.

48. Unipress Free Help Desk
Unipress Free Help Desk is a simple yet powerful Help Desk solution that allows you to create, assign and receive issue tickets. It contains a web portal and knowledgebase for self-help.

49. SysAidIT Free Help Desk
Using this tool, you can easily manage and service requests and create an inventory of installed software and network devices on your network.

50. Cyberx Password Generator Pro
Cyberx Password Generator Pro allows you to create random highly secure passwords.


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