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Friday, July 15, 2016

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting allows a website to be seen by others on the internet. It allows you to create a website without the need to invest in your own web servers. There are many options to choose including free options with very limited services to the more expensive server providers that offer a complete service and a high level of freedom to run your website.

Internet Service Providers

This is a cheap and simple option allowing for a basic website with a limited amount of space for you to design and build your own website. ISP packages will include a range of tools to help create your website ideal for anyone looking to build a small simple site. Not suitable for those who want an advanced site looking to utilise a high volume of traffic.

Free Hosting

There are options that will provide you with server space to set up a website with a variety of features. It does provide more freedom than internet service providers, however, there are limitations. Also, server space is usually funded through advertising and leave you little choice as to which adverts are displayed among your pages.

Paid Hosting

Will cost you a monthly fee and in exchange you gain access to server space wherever you want and supports an abundance of features to give you more flexibility and functionality to your site.

Domain Hosting

This involves buying a domain name and having the provider communicate all the requests from your site back to you. You can use an ISP, free or paid hosting services to create your website. It is usually a cheaper option, great for smaller businesses and you can customise your domain name to match up with your branding and business function.


If you want to run your own server but do not have the IT staff for maintenance needs, this is the best option. It allows you to take complete control of your server without the need for specialised staff. You install your server and store it in an ISP facility and pay a monthly fee for them to take care of your server like one of their own. Collocation provides maintenance, protection and security without relinquishing control.

Direct Internet Access

This option requires you to completely host your own site, including security, storage and maintenance. This is ideal for businesses who store large amounts of sensitive or confidential information or have too much information where storing through a third party is not economical. This  type of web hosting gives you complete control over your own service.

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