YouTube Tricks Everyone Must Try

YouTube Tricks Everyone Must Try
Youtube is the third most popular website on internet after google and facebook. It has 800 million unique users a month.In every minute 300 hours of new videos were uploaded to the site. If you want to watch a movie or if you want to watch funny videos or past news we would always prefer to use youtube. Most of the people who uses internet watch youtube videos almost everyday. But most of them don’t know many features that youtube provides. There are many youtube tricks and features that were easy to work with.
Run the video from specific point of video
If you want to share any youtube video and you want the viewer to watch video from specific point of video, you just have to add time to the end of url.
Add #t= to the end of url followed by the minutes and seconds.

Ex: To run a video from 1:02 seconds

Or you can stop your video at required point and right-click on video and choose ‘copy video url at current time’.
You can share a video with a specific start and end time  by adding ‘start=x&end=y’ at the end of url.
Ex: To run or share a video from 1:02 to 2:02                             
Keyboard shortcuts
If you don’t like to keep your hands on mouse when using youtube, you can operate youtube with keyboard shortcuts. Here are the list of keyboard shortcuts for youtube.
a. space or K for pause and play
b. J rewind 10 seconds
c. L forward 10 seconds
d. Right Arrow to forward for 5 seconds
e. Left Arrow to rewind for 5 seconds
f. M to mute the video
g. 0  or home to jump to beginning of the video
h. 1-9 to jump to 10% to 90% of the video
i. F to full screen
j. Esc to exit full screen mode
k. End to jump to end of video
l. Shift + > to play video in fast forward
m. Shift + < to play video in slow motion
n.  / to place curson on search field
o. Shift + N to play next video
p. Shift + P to play previous video
Download youtube videos
You can download youtube videos directly by adding ‘ss’ to the beginning of youtube url. Then you will be redirected to  Here you can download video by choosing file format and video quality.
convert video into mp3 audio
You can download audio clip from youtube video by adding ‘listento’ at beginning of url and hit enter. You will be redirected to ListentoYoutube site. Here you will find search field with Go button, click on and your video will be processed and converted to audio file.
create gifs from youtube video
You can create gifs from youtube by adding ‘gif’ at beginning of youtube video url. Then you will be redirected to Here you can set start and end duration to create gif image.
Play Video in slow motion
Hold down the space bar and the video will run in slow motion, or you can slow down or speed up the video from the settings gear on youtube video.
Repeat Video
If you want to watch a video repeatedly you just have to add ‘infinitelooper’ in place of ‘youtube’ in url. you will be redirected to infinetelooper website and there you can set start and end time to run video repeatedly.
You can also right click on video and choose loop.
Embed youtube video in your website
If you want to share a youtube video in your website you can embed the video by adding simple html code. You can find the code by clicking on share which is located below video. There we can find another label called Embed. Copy the code and paste into your html code.
Edit Youtube videos
You can edit your videos before publish to youtube. Here you can combine multiple videos,trim any video to required length. We can add audio to video file. You can even add filters and effects to your video.
set your default video speed
If you have slow internet connection and you want to open videos with low quality, you can set up default video quality at account_playback .
keep your youtube activity private
You can stop people from watching your youtube activity. Here you can make your likes videos, saved playlists, subscriptions private.
You can avoid content/region/devise restrictions by changing video url.
Operate youtube without mouse
Here you can browse youtube videos with keyboard. You can operate it with arrows to switch over to videos and hit enter to play hovered video.
Exact keyword search
You can search youtube videos with exact keyword search. By entering “allintitle: your keywords” you can find videos which have exact keywords.
Exclude keyword search
You can search youtube videos by excluding some keywords.Say if you want to search for leonardo dicaprio vidoes but not about his oscar related videos just enter following keyword.
Ex: leonardo dicaprio -oscar
Watch and Run live videos
You can watch available live videos at Youtube_Live.
You can even live stream on youtube here.
Monetize your youtube channel
You can earn money by linking your adsense to your youtube account at Youtube_Monetization.

Though many people know about these youtube tricks , but it was mainly intended for the people who are new to youtube. These youtube tricks may alter frequently when youtube changes their features.

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