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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Best Security Apps to Keep Your iPhone and iPad Secure


Smartphones and tablets are intensely personal gadgets with a lot of important information stored up within them. From photos to contacts and email to card details, people store up a lot of personal, sensitive information on their smartphones. That’s why the market overflows with tons of security apps built specifically for the iPhone and the iPad

The security apps for iDevices are varied in nature; some of these help you store passwords securely, while some of them help you track a lost iDevice and a few others help you keep your files and media secure.

"Password Management"
When it comes to secure password management with feature like auto-fill, groups, sync etc., there are two bigwigs: 1PasswordLock and mSecure. Personally, mSecure is as good as 1PasswordLock which is more popular. mSecure brings a fantastic level of security to protect and manage your various passwords. Options are simplified but quite sufficient; you can ask the app to generate highly secure passwords, you can segregate your accounts based on the type and management is pretty easy.
Price: $9.99
Download mSecure

"Device Tracking"
Lookout works almost the same way as Apple’s very own Find My iPhone. It tracks your device over GPS, lets you locate a lost iPhone via the web using the account, and it can also ring your iPhone remotely via any web browser or send a message to the iPhone if it gets lost. There are a few other features that don’t come with Find My iPhone. For instance, Lookout automatically saves the last-known location of your iPhone before it runs out of battery (or is switched off). And the app will also backup your contacts just in case you need them instantly.

"Find My iPhone"
Apple’s stock GPS-tracking app is by far the best tracking and security iPhone/iPad app. It’s one of the coolest additions to the iOS firmware. Once installed on your iPhone, you can track your iPhone’s movements, and even remotely control it. Notable options include the one where you can make your iPhone raise an alarm (so whoever has it is taken by surprise) and erase all data before it gets misused (in a process called Remote Wipe).
When an iPhone is lost, you can track it by logging into your account on

"File/Content Security"

Best Phone Security Pro
This app will protect your iPhone from unauthorized access: well, it’s basically a passcode lock system just like the stock iOS 7 passcode lock. The difference is that when you’ve got this app running, anyone trying to gain access to your iPhone will be warded off with an alarm sound that you can set. You can actually record a particular alarm sound yourself and use that. But even more interestingly, this app will capture the photo of anyone who enters the wrong passcode in their attempts to get into your iPhone.

"iPhone Used For Surveillance"

Foscam Surveillance Pro
A few cheap IP cameras, this app and you’re the security guy manning the cameras! The app functions as a security surveillance module where you can view the live feed from up to six IP cameras set up in various locations. You can also control the movement if it’s a Foscam IP camera! It’s a cheap and perfect solution for small-office owners.

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