Let's Discuss the Great Benefits of Pocket Springs (Sleep Mattress)

Let's Discuss the Great Benefits of Pocket Springs (Sleep Mattress)

Let's Discuss the Great Benefits of Pocket Springs (Sleep Mattress)

For a good night's sleep, it is important that a mattress adjusts to your body and not the other way around. Mattresses using pocket springs have become very popular. Here's a look at the benefits and advantages they offer over traditional mattresses. Let's Discuss the Great Benefits of Pocket Springs (Sleep Mattress)

Springs Move Independently and Support Your Body

A pocket spring mattress contains hundreds, sometimes thousands of separate springs encased in their individual soft fabric pockets under layers of sumptuous fillings. The springs work independently of each other at exactly the right tension, so if there are two people on the bed, the mattress will support each person individually. Each and every precise spring is designed to adjust to your body movement and provide deep support, throughout the night. When you lie down on a pocket spring mattress, you will be able to feel it adapt and contour to your body shape and this gives complete support from head to toe. It greatly reduces the roll together and roll-off effect of mattresses. It is the ideal choice when there is a weight difference between partners because each person will get the support they require for a good night's sleep.


Comes With a Choice of Tensions

You can choose the mattress keeping in mind the tension of the springs. The standard tensions are soft, medium and firm, so you can be assured of good support. The pocket sprung mattress will absorb your body weight. As it gives support in all the right places especially to the back, a pocket sprung mattress is the perfect choice to diminish back pain and protect the back muscles. Your back will be supported and protected at the correct degree and with firmness.


Cost Effective and Excellent Value for Money

A pocket sprung mattress is long lasting, durable and cost effective. Due to its robustness, it does not wear out easily and you can use it for many years without even turning it over. The pocket sprung mattress comes with a long life span and is the best option for mid range mattresses.

Luxurious Feel

The springs are concealed in layers of plush padding and housed in separate soft fabric pockets. The pocket spring mattress is soft and often covered with opulent and luxurious material giving it a rich and stylish look. It has a deep cushioning effect and provides a great level of comfort and luxury that will help your mind rest and relax so you can be completely refreshed the next morning.

Rest Assured is famous for their sumptuous Rest Assured beds and Rest Assured Mattresses which offer a sublime night's sleep in luxurious comfort. All the ranges of Rest Assured have a selection of mattresses with different spring counts which are indicated by the number following the product name. For example The Athena 2000 is a king size mattress that has 2000 separate pocket springs. The presence of more springs means that that each spring has less body weight to support. The impact is spread over thousands of tiny springs, thus making the mattress more responsive and supportive.

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