Simple and Best Useful Tips to Pick the Right Sleep Mattress

Simple and Best Useful Tips to Pick the Right Sleep Mattress

Simple and Best Useful Tips to Pick the Right Sleep Mattress

Finding a suitable mattress is vital to sleeping through the night and rising in the morning without any aches or pains and feeling fully rested. However there are hundreds of different mattress brands and many different types of mattresses. Before you start shopping for a mattress it is important to know what you are looking for.


First point of business in deciding on a mattress is to determine what size is appropriate. Begin by measuring the space the mattress will go in. Obviously a king size mattress can not go into a space that just fits a double size bed. If the room is large and space is not a consideration then decide who is using the bed. A couple will do better with a king-size bed. A single person might be happy with a single or double bed. A couple with two Labrador Retrievers might need a super king-size bed if everyone is to sleep comfortably together. Many brand name beds come in various sizes. For example, Rest Assured beds come in single, double, king size or super king size.


Once size is decided you will need to determine what level of softness is best. Most beds are graded on a scale of 1-10. Level 1 and Level 2 are considered very firm. Level 10 is extra soft. The only way to determine which mattress is best for you is to try them out at a retail store. As a general rule, larger people will believe a mattress is softer than a smaller person. People who sleep on their backs tend to like firm beds while side sleepers like softer beds. Keep in mind that different brands have different names for the level of softness. For example, Sealy mattresses calls their softest mattress "Ultra Plush", slightly soft mattresses "Plush", slightly firm mattresses "Cushion Firm" and the hardest level, "Firm".

Mattress Type

The next decision to make is what type of mattress to purchase. Most beds are either coil or foam and either lie flat or can be raised or lowered. Rest Assured mattresses come with pocket springs or mini springs in a flat or adjustable model. Sealy beds consumers have the option of an inner spring mattress, a memory foam mattress or the latex foam mattress. Just recently Silentnight mattresses came out with a line of pro-biotic beds for allergy and asthma suffers, or for those who prefer an extra clean environment.


The final option to consider is budget. Once you decide how much you can spend on a mattress be sure to test as many mattresses as possible in your price range. It is import not to scrimp on a mattress purchase. The investment of a good night's sleep is invaluable. Many brand names will have several options for their mattresses. For example, Silentnight Beds, Miracoil 3, Pocket 2100 has three different models at different prices. The Galaxy model is 539 pounds, the Starburst model is 489 pounds and the Moonbeam model is 449 pounds. Therefore a customer who likes the Miracoil 3, Pocket 2100 mattress should be able to find a model that is affordable.

Shopping for a mattress can seem like a rather daunting task. However if you prepare yourself before you go shopping the task will be much easier. When you go to test drive the mattresses, be sure to dress comfortably and bring along your pillow. You want to try each mattress on your back, on your side and on your stomach. Pay special attention to the comfort while in your favorite sleeping position.

The author specializes in beds and mattresses and regularly writes home improvement and furniture shopping guides.

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