Why Do Branded Beds and Branded Sleep Mattress Make a Difference

Why Do Branded Beds and Branded Sleep Mattress Make a Difference

 Why Do Branded Beds and Branded Sleep Mattress Make a Difference

There are many reasons to purchase brand name mattresses versus generic mattresses. It is very easy to find information in print and online for nationally and internationally recognized brands. In addition, because most brand name items are purchased by thousands of people it is easy to learn about the brand reputation. Many branded items also come with a warranty. Finally it is relatively easy to find a place near home to purchase a branded item.

Products Information

Shopping for branded beds is quite easy, as there is usually a plethora of information. The Internet will have blogs and forums regarding different mattress brands. In addition most brand name mattress such as Silentnight beds have websites that inform consumers all about their products. Most of these websites also provide a means of contact for any questions as well as locations where their products are sold. They generally have a FAQ section as well as details about their company's history and the standard warranty that is available.

Brand Reputation

A top brand name product becomes a brand name because of its excellent reputation. Sealy mattresses would never have become an internationally known mattress brand if their product was of poor quality or comfort. Therefore one can assume that a popular brand name should have a fairly good reputation. This can be affirmed by checking blogs and forums about the particular brand. Or, simply questioning friends and neighbors can provide a wealth of insight into a particular branded product. It is very important to internationally and nationally brand name products to maintain that positive reputation so the bottom line, their profit, will not be negatively affected.

Product Warranty

Popular brand name mattress companies are usually quite proud of their products. As such they are more than willing to stand behind their manufacturing with a warranty or guarantee. For example, Silentnight mattresses offers a guarantee that covers their mattresses for the first 5 years of its life with a free replacement for the first 12-24 months under certain conditions. Rest Assured beds has a 12 month replacement/repair guarantee with a slide scale of charges for repair or replacement up to the first 5 years of ownership.


Another advantage of purchasing a national or internationally known product is the ease of finding a location that sells that particular product. Visit the Sealy beds website and you can find locations that sell these mattresses in Africa, Asia, Central American, North America, South America and Europe. In addition many brand name mattresses are sold at major department stores. Rest Assured mattresses are not only sold through various stockists in England and Ireland but they are also stocked and sold through the North American store Costco Wholesale.

Well known brand name mattresses such as Silentnight mattresses, Sealy or Rest Assured make a practice of keeping themselves in the positive public spotlight. By providing plenty of information for consumers and standing behind their product, they are more likely to maintain their status as an international or national brand.
Why Do Branded Beds and Branded Sleep Mattress Make a Difference

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