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Best Android Apps For Couples you can’t miss

Best Android Apps For Couples  you can’t miss
Apps for almost task is available, this is a well-established fact these days. So couples, worry not, there are apps for you too. Here are great android apps for couples and people who want to share their private life with a few people only. So let’s get started:

Tokii helps you stay in touch on a personal level with your significant other, and specializes in facilitating communication during every stage of the relationship. It’s free and private, and can even be fun with features like the mood meter, games and interactive play, and of course you can send messages back and forth. As stated above Tokii is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Couple, is a great private app for only 2 persons, where you and your partner can join to share your personal videos and pictures, to make a timeline of your worthy moments. You can text each other as well as call from within the app, also you can send voice messages to each other too. Calendar is there too, to set reminders and important dates, also there is to do list which you and your partner can share mutually to get the tasks done in a proper way. Plus there are number of other features which you’ll discover when you’ll use the app yourself.

Download here:
Avocado is another great app for couple. It lets you text your favorite person privately, share pictures with them, set tasks and the built in calendar lets you set reminders for important dates and anniversaries. You can also exchange virtual hugs and kisses with your favorite person via this app. Also, you can create doodles on pictures or on blank canvas, before you share them.

Download here:

Loving-Couple EssentialLoving
Loving is a social app for couples. Stay in touch with that special someone in your life with messages, voice messages, pictures, privately, and for free. Other features like private chat records all your messages and saves them for you two only, as well as the private album with an encryption for your photos. 
A couple of other cool and unique features are the send distance function which lets you alert them to your location, and the Alarm feature which lets you wake your significant other any where, any time with just one tap. Loving is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

My DarlingMy Darling
My Darling is another social app for couples. Register your significant other and store intimate and important details like birthdays and anniversary’s,(although you probably shouldn’t rely on the app to remember those two things)and keep the data handy through the homescreen widget which updates periodically. 
Store personal information for the two of you in the love journal, enter and check important dates in the love calendar, and the app even has support for Android Wear. Any couples out there with matching Moto 360’s? My Darling is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Appy Couple
Appy Couple is an app for the couples who are about to get married. It includes all the information about the couple going to marry and the marriage. It’s more like a virtual invitation for the marriage for everyone who owns a compatible device. As you set up the app, you’ll be given a special code which you can distribute in the guests whom you want to invite. A couple can set up all the information in the app, like the events and their timings with dress codes, important people to the bride and groom, they can share their story telling how they met, etc.
Download here:
Between is another wonderful app for couples. It allows you to send texts and voice mails to each other, and share photos with each other, on which you can comment too and get notifications about each other’s activity. It also allows you share memos as well and bookmark your favorite pictures and memos and view them separately from other stuff, in a space called memory box.
Download here:
LoveBytes is another typical app for couples, which allows you to text your loved one, share photos with them and create a private timeline with them, share memos, and set important dates. Another feature of this app is that it also allows you to send a dating invitation card to your very special person.Download here:
Everyme is more of private social networking app, where you can stay in touch with your loved ones, including family members, and best friends. Couples can use it too, for private sharing. You can make different groups within the app and select your content to be shared, with particular people or groups. There is a private news feed too where you can see all the stories from your loved ones.
Download here:

Couplete makes you and your special someone feel complete with a special place to share private moments. It features fast private and secure messaging between just the two of you. share messages and photos and express moods with emoticons. 
Use the Wishlist feature to share real-time syncing to-do lists so you can stay up to date with everything that you want to do with your partner. You can even send love letters with stickers and keep all the best moments using the Story feature. Couplete is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

LokLok: Connected LockscreenLokLok
LokLok is a great way for you and your significant other to send fun messages back and forth. Make sure your message is the first thing they see by sending it using LokLok, and when they receive it they’ll be able to view it the moment they wake their screen. Leaving little notes is just part of it, you can leave little drawings and sketches too. 
It’s a great way to keep in touch with quick little messages and just generally letting your partner know how you feel. LokLok: Connected Lock Screen is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Wunderlist is great for sharing ideas, to-do lists, grocery lists and anything else you and your partner find important with each other. Real-time sync instantly updates your lists no matter where you are, and you can share them even simpler than before. Once you have a to-do list setup, you can communicate with the people you have shared it with by leaving comments.
One of the best features is that you can set reminders for your lists so you never forget important deadlines. Wunderlist is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.
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Best new features of iOS 10

Best new features of iOS 10
iOS 10 is one of the biggest upgrades Apple has made to their mobile operating system. If you’re overwhelmed by all the new and upgraded features in iOS 10 you’re certainly not alone–but have no fear, we’ve been playing with it for months, and we’re happy to highlight all the really great features you should be using right now.

Apple has improved the lock screen experience with iOS 10. You'll now be able view your lock screen just by picking up your phone, as well as action notifications using 3D Touch. These features aren't quite as revolutionary as Apple is making out, but it's good they're finally landing on iDevices.

Talking of 3D Touch, Apple is filling out the usage of its big hardware addition of last year's iPhone 6S. You'll be able to press and hold firmly on app icons to bring up widgets - essentially providing you with key information without actually entering the apps.

Apple and open source software aren't normally found in the same sentence, but the Cupertino-based firm's hand has been forced to a certain extent and it's releasing the Siri API to the developer community. Some of the third-party integrations coming include Uber, WhatsApp, Skype and Slack. If you enjoy talking to your phone, this is actually kind of exciting.

There's a bunch of new AI functionality coming to Apple's native Photos app, including new facial and location detection capabilities, more powerful search, and a new tab called Memories that will turn your photos into highlight-style reels based around things like location and people. We'll have to see how this one pans out in the flesh – it sounds like a nicety rather a game-changer (and is more than a bit reminiscent of HTC's Zoe), but let's not poo-poo it before we've tried it.

Maps, like Siri and Photos, is getting smarter and more open. Developers will be able to access the Maps API in iOS 10 and beyond, so we can look forward to things like native restaurant booking and ride hailing.

There's some aesthetic tweaks, too, but more meaningfully there's loads more predictive functionality – things like nearby dining suggestions. There's also improved navigation, including traffic report integration, so Maps will now be able to offer you alternative routes when there's loads of congestion – all of which is coming to CarPlay too.

As with many other areas of iOS 10, Apple is integrating third party services into Maps. You'll be able to make dinner reservations with restaurants from directly within the Maps app, for example.

iOS will feature an all new native app called Home. Expanding on the HomeKit framework, it'll be one-stop shop for all your connected and smart home gear. It'll also feature in the Control Center, so you can access it from the lock screen.

In iOS 10, Messages is getting a pretty substantial overhaul. You'll be able to write messages in your own hand-writing, alter the way message bubbles look, send quick 'Tapback' responses, and even add animations.

Emoji are getting bigger (three times bigger) and easier to insert, with iOS recommending potential word replacements for you. Meanwhile, you'll be able to slap virtual stickers all over your message threads.

But potentially the biggest addition of all will be iMessage apps. Apple is essentially turning the app into its own platform, with third party developers able to make their content accessible directly through the Messages app.

We knew this one was coming, but it was good to see confirmation that Apple is going back to the drawing board with Apple Music nonetheless.

Apple Music's new approach looks a lot cleaner and simpler than before. Upon entering the app, for example, you'll be taken straight to the Library section.

You'll also be able to view lyrics while you're listening to your music. Well, someone must have asked for it...

Apple has made a couple of alterations to the iOS 10 Phone app. Chief among them is the way it transcribes your voicemail messages. It'll also be able to detect when an incoming unknown caller is likely to be spam.

There's a chance you're one of the ten people who actually use Apple News. If so, you'll be interested in this one. It's receiving an Apple Music-like design overhaul, with similar chunky titles. Subscriptions and breaking news notifications are also incoming.

Apple Pay is making its way to web purchases with iOS 10. There'll be a new 'Buy with Apple Pay' button appearing on website checkout screens, which will mean you can authorize payments using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Apple Maps
Find My Car: Siri automatically detects when you’re driving and drops a pin at the location you stop, so you can easily find it later.

Avoid Tolls: when setting a route, you can now choose to specifically avoid toll roads. A nice Google Maps catch up feature.

Apple Maps gets a major upgrade in iOS 10, but you could remove it completely if you want. Image credit: Apple

Location Suggestions: In iOS 10 when you enter a Calendar event you will find locations are suggested automatically using Apple Maps. This is a catch up to Google Calendar in Android which taps into Google Maps for the same functionality.

Apple Mail
Fast Unsubscribe: emails with unsubscribe links will now automatically have them displayed at the top of each message with an easy to hit button.

Unread Only: when viewing your mailbox, look for the filter icon (bottom left corner) and change the default setting to ‘Filtered by: Unread’

Quick Actions: Swipe left on a message in the new threaded view and it will reveal quick actions such as flag, reply and trash.

Apps (In General)
App Widgets: Shortcut: 3D Touch on an app that supports widgets and you will get a preview of the widget and the option to quickly add it, along with the usual 3D Touch shortcuts.

Prioritize App Installs: when restoring a device or installing multiple new apps you can use 3D Touch to long press on any app waiting to be downloaded on the homescreen and you will get a ‘Prioritize Download’ option, to save you waiting around.

Hide Unwanted Apps: iOS 10 now lets users remove any stock app they don’t want (Stocks, Compass, I’m looking at you). This works the same way as removing third party apps: just long press on any app and hit ‘x’, they can be brought back in Settings

Apple Music
Optimized Storage: Apple Music settings now allow you to automatically free up space by removing downloaded tracks you haven’t listened to after a predefined period. Go to: Settings > Music > Downloads. They can always be re-downloaded later.

Smart Downloads: go to Settings > Music > Downloads and switch ‘Automatic Downloads’ to on and you will find any album can be quickly downloaded by tapping the ‘+Add’ button. Useful for those who do a lot of offline listening (such as frequent flyers).

Don’t Stop The Music: Apple has stopped the camera mode automatically killing any music recording from the device the moment it is opened. Great if your phone is also the source of music for a party. Music still stops if you want to record a video or Live Photo.

Bedtime Reminders: open the Clock app and you’ll find a new tab: ‘Bedtime’. This can be used to define the typical times you go to bed, wake up and the length of sleep you prefer. You then get reminders and along with tracking of your sleeping habits which can be viewed in the Health app.

‘Close All’ Shortcuts
Safari – Close All Tabs: Quickly ditch your browser tabs on iPads with a long press on the Tab View button, which brings up the close all tabs options. iPhones require an extra step: open Tab View then long press on ‘Done’, to generate the option.

Notifications – Close All: Sick of the tiny ‘x’ on each notification? In iOS 10 you can remove them all at once with a 3D Touch iPhone. Just use a harder press on the X at the top of the list and you will get a ‘Clear All’ option. A really useful feature hidden behind the glamour or ‘Rich Notifications’.

Control Center
Quick Timer Options: bring up the Control Center and owners of 3D Touch enabled iPhones can use a harder press to bring up 1, 5, 20 and one hour instant timer options.

Calculator Memory: 3D touch the calculator icon in the Control Center and you can copy in the answer to your last calculation, saving precious time.

Camera shortcuts: just like the Camera icon on the homescreen, 3D Touch options have been extended to bring up specific shooting modes for the camera icon in the Control Center.

Music & Home Hidden: strangely, Control Center in iOS no longer shows music controls on its mainscreen. To access this you have to swipe left and if you swipe left once more you get shortcuts for the Home app.

Flashlight Tweaks: For 3D Touch enabled iPhones (6S and above) open up the Control Center and use a harder pressure touch on the flashlight icon to get low, medium and high brightness options.

Read Receipts: users can now request notifications for when their messages to other iMessage users have been read.

iMessage in iOS 10 gains lots of new functionality, including gif libraries.

Image Search: When writing a message, tap the App Store icon and you can swipe to an images page and search for anything you want.

Save Data: Go to Settings > Messages > Enable Low Quality Image Mode.

Hello Third Party Apps: highlight a word in iOS 10 and you will find ‘Define’ has been replaced by ‘Look Up’ and includes the option to search for the term in the App Store, Apple Music, online search or Wikipedia. There’s third party app support for this as well.

Unlock – Old School
Restore Touch to Unlock: iOS 10 requires users to physically press the home button to unlock their devices, rather than just make contact for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. If you don’t like this go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and enable: ‘Rest Finger to Open’ to get the old method back.

iOS 10 has a multitude of new features, but many rely on 3D Touch which is restriction to the iPhone 6S range and newer.

iOS10 has been really looked forward to. Here one of our writer, gives you a first hand experience at how iOS 10 works:

Within just days of release of iPhone 7, Apple has released the newest upgrade to their OS i.e., the iOS 10. The upgrade is made available for iPhone 5 or newer and iPad 4 or newer, which means we finally bid goodbye to our beloved iPhone 4s.

Making its way in a highly competitive market and already struggling through ‘bricking’ bugs, the latest iOS is actually a breath of fresh air as compared to its previous versions. I quickly upgraded my iOS and got back with the review for you right here. Check it out:

Getting Started:
The size of the upgrade significantly large, somewhere around 850 MB. So makes sure, you got space. After installing, the iPhone restarts, asks a few passwords and welcomes you to the home screen.

What you initially might have missed out, is that Apple finally let go off its very popular ‘swipe to unlock’ feature with this upgrade and replaced it with ‘press to unlock’. The new gesture is hard to get to use to but well, it’s seemingly cool.

After that, what you encounter next is the new ‘Home’ app. As the name suggests, the app is a homekit app and is your go to place to manage all your smart home gadgets in just one place. Kinda cool for Apple to bring in something new and probably employable in daily use, to the smartphone world.

Another new feature with iOS 10 are the new widgets that appear with swiping left onto the home screen. Apple has been continuously remodelling its widgets appearance and hands down, it has never been disappointing. With the new customisable widgets, it gives a lot of power to the user which is mostly the aim of any new upgrade.

Swiping down, we are faced with another new change. The ‘Notifications’ feature has also been stylised with this iOS, quite handy but takes a little time to get used to.

Getting into more details the complete makeover of the ‘Photos’ app is a remarkable change. It’s been long since any of Apple’s previous updates touched that area and as you can see it has quite been changed and for the better good. It’s easier and a bit sassy too.

The other new welcomed changed is that of the ‘Messages’ app. One of the most primer sources of communications between iPhone users, Apple’s ‘Messages’ app has been improved significantly.

Designed to compete strongly with Facebook’s ‘Messenger’ and ‘Whatsapp’ app, ‘Messages’ now allows third party integration alongside exciting additions such asGIF messages, handwritten messages, photo messages with doodles, messages with laser light (digital touch messages) etc.

Welcoming a list of changes, the ‘Music’ app has also been reorganised. Bolder and clearer, using ‘Music’ has actually become a lot easier since the last update, iOS 9. It’s not clumsy and traversing music has gotten a plenty of simplification.

Last but not the least, iOS 10 finally lands its users the authority to remove built-in apps and rid the iPhone of unnecessary factory installed apps. So long, ‘Stocks‘.

The Final Verdict:
iOS 10 offers the users a fresh new experience of Apple’s ever changing technology,without actually having to force them into buying the newest smartphone.

The inclusion of new features that are comparatively old to Google’s newest Android, the efforts are not completely redundant.

They add to the whole Apple experience more than any other upgrade up until now. There’s a lot of scope of developments in Music as well as in the Notifications scenario of iOS but, for now, the changes are welcomed.

Apple unveiled iOS 10, the next-generation operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, on June 13, 2016, releasing it to the public exactly three months later on September 13. At the introduction, Apple CEO Tim Cook described iOS 10 as the "biggest release ever" for iOS users, and the operating system includes major updates for a wide variety of apps, services, and features, including Messages, Siri, Photos, Maps, Apple Music, News, Apple Pay, Control Center, and more.

Some iOS 10 tips and tricks

Universal Clipboard
IOS 10 letting you copy and paste content across devices. Stop SMSing yourself that crucial bit of text or photo. It makes sense for content to live on multiple devices via the clipboard, and that's what will happen with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

QuickType understands context
Apple's QuickType keyboard now understands context. What that means is that, for example, if a friend asks where you are, the keyboard will realize that and suggest you send location data, which you'll be able to do at the tap of a button.

Siri is basically becoming a part of your keyboard. In fact, the keyboard will learn new works as time goes on, so if you type anything it will realize not to change. It will also know when you might want to schedule something in your calendar. All in all, your keyboard is going to become a whole lot more helpful. QuickType proactively gives you information it thinks you'll need, so you'll no longer have to look for it yourself. Contacts and your location are just one tap away.

Access the camera by swiping left
Until now, to access the camera you've had to slide from the bottom corner up. Now you'll be able to swipe from anywhere on the screen right to the left, which will automatically pull up the camera. It's a much bigger gesture target. Apple understands how important quick access to the camera is -- that's why it included camera access from the lock screen in the first place. This update should make taking a snapshot that much easier. You won't need precision to get to the camera app as soon as possible -- simply take your phone out and swipe to it.

Split View In Safari
When you are browsing a web page in Safari on the iPad you can now open up two pages next to each other. Press and hold on a link and then choose Open in Split view launching two web pages next to each other. You can use each page independently. It’s awesome for comparison shopping.

Quick Notification view
When you pick up your iPhone, you can now see all your notifications without pushing a button. Raise to Wake is on by default, but you can turn it on in Settings -> Display& Brightness -> Raise to Wake if it isn’t already working. This allows you to quickly see your new notifications without pushing the home button or power button.

Find Your Parked Car
With iOS 10 your iPhone knows when you get out of a car that has been driving and then marks the spot in Apple Maps. You’ll see a notification on your screen showing where your parked car is at.

Quick Checklists
With iOS 10 there are new 3D Touch features or Notes. One of the best is the 3D Touch Quick Action that allows you to create a new checklist. Whether you use this to make a daily to-do list or use it to make a grocery list every few days — it’s an awesome addition. This is only available on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Find Who Is Calling
iOS 10 now lets Siri tell you who is calling you. You can set this up to happen all the time or simply to have it tell you when you are using headphones or connected to the Car. Go to Settings > Phone > Announce Calls - Choose when you want to hear a caller identification.

Control Third party apps
Now that Siri connects with third party apps you can use Siri to hire an Uber. You need to install the app, sign in and be completely set up. From there you can say Siri get me an Uber to a location, or get me home in an UberX. Siri will show you the time and other important details and then you can request it. You also need to go to Settings -> Siri -> App Support to turn this on.

Choose Travel Preferences
You can tell Apple Maps your preferred method of travel in iOS 10. This is an awesome addition for anyone who walks or takes public transit instead of drives. Go to Settings -> Maps and then choose the option you use most.

Read All Voicemails
About 10 to 30 seconds after someone leaves you a voicemail in iOS 10 you’ll get a transcription of it in the Phone App. Go to check your voicemail like you normally would, but instead of pressing play, you can read the voicemail. This is in beta, so this isn’t 100% reliable, but it is good enough in many situations. You can rate voicemail transcriptions to improve the service.

Edit Live Photos
You can edit Live Photos in iOS 10. Now you can crop, edit and even add filters to Live Photos without losing the Live part of the photo. Take a Live Photo and tap on edit. That’s all there is to it. You can also turn off the Live part of the photo if you don’t like it.

Search Related Photos
Siri can look up photos for you using a variety of search options. This includes asking to see photos of a specific person, but also on a specific date or at a specific location. Hold the home button to access Siri and say, “Show me photos from Hawaii.”, or a similar command to make this work.

Search for Specific people In photos
The iOS 10 Photos app can now show you photos of people using Facial Recognition. In the Photos app you can to Albums -> People to see people that are identified and to identify more people. You can also ask Siri to show you photos of a specific person and she will show you all the photos of that individual.

Write Your Own
You can send handwritten notes through Messages on iOS 10. These appear as a written message on the other user’s screen. You can choose from pre-written beautiful handwritten messages or you can scribble out your own with your finger. You can turn your phone sideways to landscape to see these options, or you can access it by tapping on the App Store icon in Messages.

Send Quick Reply
Tap and hold on a message inside a conversation in iOS 10 and you will now see Tap back options. These quick reply options let you respond to a message like you would a Facebook status. You can heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, laugh, share which shows up on their screen next to the message.

Speak Messages
You can speak messages in iOS 10, similar to how you could in iOS 9. This isn’t dictation, but actually sending a short voice message inside Messages. Apple changed how this works in iOS 10. Go to Messages, open a message and then hold the microphone icon to start recording. You don’t need to hold it the whole time. When you are done you can tap on Stop and then you can tap the up arrow to send the message. Messages expire soon after you play them.

Read only Unseen Mails
At the bottom of the Mail app screen, tap on the circle with three lines in it. This lets you filter your Inbox. By default, this will show you only unread messages. You can also tap in the center to change the filter if you need to see Flagged or if you want to only see messaged that are to you, cc’d to you, with attachments or only from a VIP.

Use Gesture To Clear Notifications
When you are looking at notifications in iOS 10, 3D Touch the X in the upper right corner to clear all notifications in one go. This only works on the iPhone 6s or newer versions.

Send Photos Fast
The new iOS 10 Messages app makes it super-fast to send photos in a conversation. Tap on the camera icon and you can now quickly take a photo with the front or rear cameras. Slide to the right to access recent photos. Slide to the left to go to your library or launch the full camera app.

Manage Your Smart Home
Gone are the days when you'll have separate apps for each aspect of your smart home -- now you'll be able to control your entire smart home straight from the Home app. Smart light bulbs, locks, thermostats, and so on -- all should show up in Home, as long as their HomeKit-enabled. The Home app is likely to play a bigger role in your life as time goes on and your home gets smarter, and its release makes sense if Apple wants to be competitive in the smart home business.

Better Apple Music
When you open the Music app up now, you'll be taken straight to the "library" tab, which shows what you've been listening to recently and what you might want to listen to at that moment. That should help you avoid having to dig through your music to find something to listen to, and if you're halfway through an album that you want to finish, you'll be able to get straight to it. Other changes include lyrics embedded into the app and larger fonts for easier viewability. It's all about less time navigating inside and outside the app, and more time listening to songs.
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Best Forum Software Sites of 2016 (Free & Premium)

 Best Forum Software Sites of 2016 (Free & Premium)

Forums are a great way to build a community website around a theme, create a support tool around a product or service, or add an extension to your existing site so your visitors can interact with each other. Selecting the right forum software is an important first step in making sure your forum will be able successful as possible. You'l want to find a software package that combines stability, security, usability, and flexibility. To help you get started, below is a list of the best forum software.

We all know that forum software are a necessity when venturing out in the wide vast world of internet and keeping in mind the importance of online forum software today we have gathered some best free forum software and paid forum software for you.

phpBB (Free)
If you are looking for the #1 free open source bulletin board software then phpBB is the perfect forum software choice for you. phpBB is one of the best online forum software which comes with a bulletin board format. Using this best forum software, you can stay on top of everything that is happening across your website as well as communicate with a group of people at the same time.

vBulletin (Paid)
Undoubtedly, vBulletin is the most renowned and the world’s leading community software developed by vBulletin Solutions, Inc. and released in 2000. vBulletin is a premium online forum software which is the choice of several top- notch websites.

There are several built- in applications that come with this discussion forum software, such as events management, groups, photo albums, blogs, polls, calendars and so on. vBulletin is available in 3 different versions: Mobile Suite, Forum Suite as well as Publishing Suite.

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Some of the most important features of vBulletin forum software are: Unlimited Hierarchy of Forums, Thread and forum subscription, Supports BB Code in posts, Supports HTML in post, Preview post option, Member Profile Pages, Private Messaging, Custom Avatars, Unlimited Moderators and SuperModerators, forum style chooser, Task Scheduler, Moderation queues for user registration and posting, Powerful Templating System, Full CSS layout and design, fast and suitable for robust development, and much more things.

Vanilla gives facilitated and open source group best forum software that powers examination forums. It permits you to make a tweaked group that compensates positive investment, consequently ministers substance and gives individuals a chance to drive balance.

This software is particularly for WordPress engineers. In the event that you basically loathe your moderate notice board or your server gets hacked, then this software is unquestionably what you require. It brags web gauges, convenience, simplicity of joining, and speed. Utilizing and administrating it is truly simple, as it is entirely spotless and fast. The best thing about this one is that it is exceptionally adjustable; and it gives due thoughtfulness regarding clients and puts them first.

Some of the eye catching features of bbPress forum software are:
  • Simple Setup: Simple Setup Easy to setup. Easy to moderate. Fast, and clean.
  • Fully Integrated: One central account. One unified admin area. One click install.
  • Single Installation: Simple step-by-step installation walks you through your options.
  • Multisite Forums: Divide your site into sections. Allow your users to create content.
  • Fast and light: Code are lean so that you get the best experience possible.
  • Simple interface: Always keep things simple and make things intuitive.
  • Highly extensible: bbPress can’t toast your bagels, but a plugin for it sure could!
  • Spam protection: Full Akismet support built in offering you an amazing weapon against spam.
  • Customizable templates: Not everybody likes the same pair of pants, so we allow you to dress up your forums however you like.

miniBB is a free, standalone, and open source program for building your own Internet forum. The PHP announcement board script offers you a simple and stable message board that incorporates a full customization of the format to the look of your site, and synchronizes your current participation framework.

Simple machines forums (SMF) is a free however it can give an expert touch to any forum. It permits setting up your online group rapidly. It gives uniquely designed format motor with the goal that you can pick the lay-out of your message board. It has an incredible SSI capacity, and this lets your forum and site interface with each other. SMF is exceedingly adjustable so you can alter in any capacity you need. Utilizing custom topics from a rundown of additionally conceivable with the goal that you can change the look of your site. It additionally has a stunning bolster, so in the event that you experience any issue, you can simply request help.

This forum software is written in PHP and its database is created using MySQL. All features expected from a bulletin board are a part of SMF. In easy words, Simple Machines Forum is elegant elegant, effective and powerful free online forum software which is well known for following attractive features of SMF:
  • Advanced permission and user management.
  • Supports multiple languages at once.
  • Tracking of new and old unread topics, not just from your last visit.
  • Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization for search engines.
  • Package manager that automatically installs or uninstalls mods.
  • Major actions are time and IP locked, preventing ‘hammering’.
  • Put a board into maintenance mode, allowing only admins to login.
  • Create child boards under other boards.
  • Allow certain member groups to access a board, including guests only.
  • Configure permissions for each membergroup on the board level.
  • Disable member registration completely.
  • Require email authentication by sending an authentication link.
  • Both cookie and session based authentication.
  • Tracking of topics, messages, new members, and hits per day.
  • Ability to create announcement boards.
  • Ability to choose sendmail or SMTP.
  • Ban members based on their username, email address, IP address or hostname
  • Support for WAP, WAP2 and I-mode protocols.
  • Members can choose which smiley set they wish to use (or none.)
  • “Insert Quote” feature on posting screen to quickly quote previous replies.

Modern, sleek, very stable. Extremely easy install process, and continued, growing support of the product.M+6
One of the forums I used changed from vBulletin to XenForo a year or so back. Its like night-and-day, a huge improvement in productivity for regular posters and enjoyment by members. Very slickM+7
Just fantastic, fast easy to use and really gone forward with the most important features you want for a forum.M+2
Fast and easy to use

 ZetaBoards (Free)
Do you want to create a free forum with no limit on posts or members? If yes, you must try out ZetaBoards Free Forum Hosting software. ZetaBoards is also one of the top 10 best forum software 2016 which offers free forum hosting which is crucial for the growth of any website on the internet. It doesn’t limit the forum communities by members, posts or bandwidth.

ZetaBoards free forum software is quite user friendly and extraordinarly easy to use. Joinable groups, full customization, support for custom domains, custom profile fields and pinned topics are some of the noticeable features of Zetaboards. If you are are really interested in getting an amzing online forum software that allows maximum level of customizations then download ZetaBoards right now and start using it.

IP. Board (Paid)
For creating an engaging and effortful discussion forum on the web, IP.Board is yet another best forum software that you can use for your website. There are comprehensive tools which are a part of this premium forum software. It will certainly encourage the visitors in coming back to your website. Users can also promote and share the content present on your website using IP.Board.

Powerful solution. Is not free, but you can have the license included free with an Invision Power (the guys who made the program) hosting account starting at $5 a month. The nice this about having them host it is that the handle the installation and upgrades so you don't have to worry about it.
Customizable an user friendly.
The best and easiest Bulletin Board to use.

PunBB (Free)
PunBB is yet another best free forum software which is powered by lightweight PHP and released under the GNU General Public License. This online discussion forum software is created with the goal of being lighter, faster, and less graphically intensive. There are very few basic features in PunBB as compared to others in this list. However, it is also comparatively faster and provides smaller outputs which are XHTML complaint pages and are also semantically accurate.

WoltLab Burning Boards is another best forum software which is fast and reliable in nature. Basically, Woltlab Burning Board is a PHP based forum software, developed since may 2001 by an German company, WoltLab GmbH. Installing and running Woltlab Burning Board software requires a server or webspace with PHP support and a MySQL database (System Requirements: PHP 5.3.2+, MySQL 5.1.17+).

Woltlab Burning Board comes with 3 premium versions: Burning Board, Burning Board Lite and Community Framework, all of which are helpful in expanding your online user base. Some of the most interesting features in Woltlab Burning Board forum software are:
  • Quick Notifications
  • Visual Customization
  • Recent Activities ditection
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Integration
  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Multilingualism
  • Extensible with Plugins
  • First-class Security
  • Against Spam
  • Import From Other Systems
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The Best Tech Tools, Apps & Gear

The Best Tech Tools, Apps & Gear
Physical Gear
Although this is a list of my digital toolbox, we start with some physical items. We do live in the real world after all! Here is a list of computers, smartphones, gadgets, coffee and other stuff.

Desktop Apps

Although as a Windows user, most of the following are available for Mac users too.

Productivity Apps

  • (usually into listening to music while we work as we find it too distracting, but really works for me. You can choose different soundtracks for relaxed and focussed work)
  • SimplyNoise – If we working in a noisy coffee shop, then white or brown noise is great at blocking out all the noise and not as distracting as music.
  • RescueTime – tracks your productivity on your computer, browser and smartphone. Gives you a weekly report.

Mobile Apps

As Android user, but most of these apps are available for iOS or at least there are alternatives. Do let me know if you have found an alternative for iOS in the comments.

Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools try and help you with all aspects of managing social media accounts – not just publishing/scheduling, but help with engagement, reporting and analytics. we included TweetDeck in this list mainly because it allows to manage multiple Twitter accounts. use TweetChat occasionally to help with Twitter Chats.
Alternatives: SproutSocial & Jollor

Publishing & Scheduling

Although social media management tools should have a very robust publishing platform, we prefer to use separate apps in system for publishing and scheduling.

Follower Management & Community

Growing your audience and followers takes time and effort. we don’t believe in buying followers! we use the following tools to help me segment my followers or find new targeted people who are likely to engage with me.

Reporting & Analytics

How do you optimise your content or give some feedback or reports on how successfully you’ve been with your social media and content marketing? use these tools to help with that!

Alerts & Monitoring

Sometimes you want to be alerted when someone links to you or mentions you or there is a potential issue you need to deal with. Perhaps it is a new opportunity. use the following tools to help with this.

Marketing Software

Attracting new leads, helping with managing list and sending newsletters out, creating surveys, free videos and lead generation tools are all important in my marketing process.  use the following tools as part of this:


These are magic tools that automate a lot of potentially repetitive tasks. we don’t believe in automating engagement, but these tools can do some amazing things to turbo boost your productivity

Project Management

To help manage projects for our clients or with the booking process or with a mastermind group use the following tools.

Research, Content Marketing & Amplification

The world of social media, marketing and technology is very fast moving and it’s very difficult to keep up. Using tools to help to find and contain the latest articles is so useful. Also use tools to help with my blogging process, taking notes, doing research and to help with amplification of my blog posts.

SEO & Web Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazingly powerful tool. However there are other tools that can help you get the most out of understanding your analytics as well as with SEO. These are the tools.

Images & Design

Images and design have always been important, but with visual networks such as Pinterest and Instagram becoming ever more popular, good design is vital.


Using strong passwords as well as managing them effectively and storing them securely is vital. we also use a Virtual Private Network service if we ever find having to use a public WiFi hotspot- so that my connection and data is secure.

Browser Extensions

Where would we be without browser extensions. The following are for Google Chrome, but most are also available for Firefox.
  • Awesome Screenshot – The best screenshot extension found. You can take a screenshot of the visible browser screen or the entire page. You can also take a shot of a selectable area and take a delayed screenshot. Once taken, you can add text, arrows and other callouts.
  • Grammarly – state of the art spelling and grammar checker.
  • Video Speed Controller (although you can speed up YouTube videos, you can’t normally speed up videos on Wistia, Vimeo and other videos. This extension allows you to speed up any HTML5 video so that you can get through more content)
  • Measureit – measure the dimension of certain elements on webpages.
  • ColorPick Eyedropper – get the hexcode of colours on the screen.
  • What Font – like a font on a web page? This extension shows you which font was used on elements on a web page.
  • uBlock Origin – great believer in supporting content providers. Unfortunately ads can get out of hand, and  seen some malicious ads try and infect my machine. uBlock Origin is an Ad Block on steroids and can speed up your browsing significantly.
  • The Great Suspender – I love the Chrome browser, but it can get very slow, especially if you have a lot of tabs open. This extension suspens tabs after a period of time. You can reload tabs easily and even add certain websites to a whitelist so they never get suspended.
  • Klout – Adds Klout scores to Twitter usernames.
  • gorgias – smart email templates for GMail. GMail does have canned responses, but gorgias allows you to organise into a library. It can paste in first names and other smart data and you can use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Web App Extensions: Buzzsumo, MightyTextBufferEdgar & LastPass

Podcasting & Video

love video and love podcasts. Whenever  creating video, in a group chat or being a guest on a podcast,  use some of the following websites.

Web Hosting

Small web agency, Select Performers, where we manage and host customers websites.

Security & Speed

WordPress Development & Management

WordPress plugins

Here are some of the main plugins use on  site as well as many of customer’s websites.

WordPress Themes

used and would recommend the following themes:

Backup & Cloud Storage

How often do you back up your data?

Hacks & Scripts

Currently Investigating

always on the look out for new tools and gear. Here are ones currently testing. don’t recommend them, but they look cool!

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