Best Backlinking Techniques

Best Backlinking Techniques

It would be nigh on impossible for us to tell you absolutely every backlinking technique imaginable. There are hundreds of them. What we can do, however, is introduce you to the best backlinking techniques that you can start putting into action today. These are methods that aren't that difficult to follow, but surprisingly effective.

Guest Posts

This is the ultimate link building technique. It is going to take you a bit of time, but the quality of the link you receive is unparalleled. After all, when you do guest posting right, you will have a piece of highly relevant content placed on the website of somebody relevant to your niche. This type of link is absolute gold, and a single link can send you catapulting up the search results. The process is simple:

  • Find blogs relevant to your niche (but not a direct competitor)
  • Contact these blogs and offer to produce a free article for them in exchange for a link.
  • If they reply, deliver the content in a timely manner, and BANG, you have yourself a quality link!

Social Media

While social media doesn't carry the same link juice weight that it did in the past, you still don't have any excuse not to be using social media to share your links. First off; while the links do not carry the same weight, they still carry a little bit of weight. Google, for instance, is now looking at the number of shares a particular piece of content gets to determine search engine ranking. Even if there was no link juice, those shares would come in handy as it means your site name is front of more people. Plus, the whole process only takes a few seconds to share, so why wouldn't you?


This is a relatively new backlinking technique, but it is incredibly effective. HARO is a website. With HARO, people who are looking for sources for their work (journalists, bloggers etc.) are put in touch with people who can act as a source. Becoming a source is a highly competitive process, but if you have a quality website, you will probably end up getting at least a few backlinks out of everything.

Produce quality content...and promote it

So many people overlook the importance of creating quality content when it comes to backlinking. If you create quality content, you will likely start to build up links to it naturally. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't promote it such as some of the items we at If you are proud of a piece of content, and it is better than anything else found on the first page of Google, then do not be afraid to share it around with various sites in your niche. They may use it as a source, which means a highly relevant backlink for you!

Look for relevant sites with outdated links

This is going to take a little bit of legwork on your part, but it is going to be worth it. Your goal with this one of the best backlinking techniques is to go through sites relevant to your niche. You now want to find backlinks that are no longer working. If you find one, reach out to the company and give them your link instead. A lot of the time, they will replace the broken link with your one.


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