EaseUS - your first choice file recovery software

When is the time to use a file recovery software?

A file recovery software is used to retrieve file from any storage media facing the issue of file loss. When it comes to a situation like accidental deletion of file, formatting of hard drive, Windows reinstallation etc., its time to put a file recovery software in action. It refers to a circumstance of recovering specific files which become inaccessible due to the logical or physical damages of the hard drive. 

What happens to your deleted files?

A file when gets deleted from your computer, it goes into the recycle bin. Even after emptying the recycle bin, the file remains hidden in the backup and is not totally removed. Only the path to that file is removed and it cannot be traced easily.

Do deleted files really get deleted?

Moreover, the space in your computer seems available after the deletion of files. In a case that if operating system does not use that available space by overwriting another file, the deleted file can remain on your hard drive for quite a long time.

Furthermore, it must be kept in mind that it’s better to work less with the drive you want to recover file from. As reading from the drive intensifies the risk of any harm it might have. Some operations can cause permanent damages to the lost files and make them unrecoverable.

What to consider while selecting a file recovery software?

There are some smart software’s available to recover your deleted files. Yet there remains a single problem for users, i.e.  the quality of available file recovery software. This is because if the file gets lost by the recovery software, the lost can be permanent. So, it’s important to consider different aspects while selecting the best possible file recovery software. These aspects should include safety, recovery rate, powerful function etc.

What is the right time to put a file recovery software in action?

If you lost any important file from your computer’s hard drive? Or if your hard drive got crashed then this is not the time to wait. More on, this is not the time to start experimenting without getting yourself aware about the good recovery software available. In such case EaseUS brings the ease for you, where you can recover your hard drive file without any money.

EaseUS- the ultimate file recovery software

EaseUS file recovery software

EaseUS is a free File Recovery Wizard that reconstructs your lost files regardless of whether the hard drive got corrupted or your file got accidentally deleted. These inaccessible files due to hard driver failure can be recovered by this free software available for you. It is always better to avoid further damage by using a safe and reliable file recovery software.

What makes EaseUS an incredible file recovery software?

EaseUS file recovery software is a free software that supports recovering of lost files from your hard drive, memory card and SD card etc. The loss that might occur by accidental deletion, format or file corruption. Best thing about EaseUS is that it can recover various file for you including photos, files like documents, emails, audio & video files etc. All this need just simple steps including the download of EaseUS, then a quick scan for the lost file, followed by this a deep scan begins to find more files. At the end select the files you want to recover by clicking “Recover”. Through this process you get you files recovered from the hard drive without any costs.