Supermarket vs Homemade Fresh Juices Review Juice & Your Health

Now, more than ever, your health is important. It is a scientific fact that what we eat dramatically influences the level of our health. That means we must choose what we eat carefully. This includes choosing foods with the maximum amount of nutrition(vitamins, minerals, etc) while avoiding those foods with unhealthy ingredients. Supermarket vs Homemade Fresh Juices Review Juice & Your Health.

Supermarket vs Homemade Fresh Juices Review Juice & Your Health

Fresh Juice is an extraordinary way to maximize your nutritional intake every day! Not only does juicing provide a powerful dose of nutrients, it is also great for those of us constantly on the go. Today, we are all on the go and oh so busy. Supermarket vs Homemade Fresh Juices Review Juice & Your Health. We make nutritional compromises in order to accommodate our hectic schedules. Regardless of how busy our schedules are, good nutrition is still good nutrition. There are many ways that we can accommodate our busy schedule without compromising health. One such way is juicing.

What is juicing?

Juicing is the processing of separating the juice in fresh fruit and vegetables from its pulp. Doing so provides your body with a broad spectrum of vital living and raw nutrients. In order to juice, you must have a juicer. This guide was created to give you the solid information you need to know about juicers. You’ll find out about the benefits of juicing, the different types of juicers, and juicing tips. Keep reading to discover the wonderful world of juicing.

What about shop bought fresh juice? Why not just buy the juice?

A good question considered by many is “why not just buy juice or eat raw fruit and vegetables?”

Well this is actually two questions in one so we’ll break it down into the two different questions:

(1)Why not just buy the juice?
(2)Why not just eat raw fruits and veggies?

After all juice IS CREATED equal, right?

“100% Juice” is advertised on the shelves of many stores and by many manufacturers.

With a need to save time, many people reason that the best way to get their juice is to buy it off the shelves.

Let’s look at a few facts to help you determine whether you want to buy juice from shelves or create your own juice with a juicer.

Did you know that heating or cooking foods can actually destroys a large portion of its vitamins and minerals?
What about the natural enzymes in the food? They are also denatured by heat.

Recommended Best Juicers to Buy Now

100% juice that has been industrially produced generally goes through most or all the following processes:
  • Pressing: the entire fruit is pressed to obtain the juice. This includes the chemically treated peel.
  • Centrifuging: This is a process that gets rid of the fruit or vegetables pulp.
  • Eliminating of enzymes: Enzymes are living elements, which are totally eliminated.
  • Boiling: Juice is typically boiled between 110 to 160 degrees for several minutes. Most vitamins are destroyed during the boiling process.
  • Vaporizing: During this process, as much as 20% of the juices volume is lost.
  • Unnatural Flavoring: Juices are often flavored according to the manufactures wishes.
  • Adding Additives: Manufacturer juices contain many additives such as coloring, sweeteners, artificial vitamins and minerals, artificial granules to resemble pieces of fruit.
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  1. Most people know that labels such as "fruit-flavored drink" or "contains real fruit juice" mean that the drink inside is probably mostly water and sugar. But now stores are full of bottles of healthy-looking "100% fruit" or "all-natural" juices that look like they were just squeezed from the fruit. The truth unfortunately is a little different.


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